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Our First Ever App

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Our First App

Brainless characters

Brainless: Beta is our very first Androidâ„¢ application, created back in 2011 (and it clearly shows) and designed for a 480px screen size.

Simple Beginings

Brainless beginings

The Zed have risen and taken over in this mock-RPG beta. While only one simple level, Brainless is a fun zombie killing time passer.

Explore the Map

Move around the town map

Use the arrows to navigate the map the map collecting the Left to Find items in order to progress to the next level.

Fight Zombies

Engage in battles with Zombies

As you travel the map, zombies will attack and pull you into a battle. You can stay and fight them, or try to run away.

Collect Health Packs

Collection of health packs

If you get injured in battle, look around the map for health packs to boost your levels.

Beat the Boss

The brainless boss

Kill the final boss blocking the entrancce to the next area. Currently, Brainless is only one level, but the full version will contain many more.

Brainless: Stop the Zed, Save your TownBrainless: Stop the Zed, Save your Town

Pick Your Team

Brainless team

Play as the Cop, the Waitress, the Criminal and the Marine. Each character has unique traits, complete with strengths and weaknesses.

Battle Zombies

Run away or attack the zombies

Battle zombies in a turn-based format. You can level up your characters with each kill.

Stay Healthy

Stay healthy

When you are running low on health, pick up a handy life-saving pack. These include groceries, beer, wine and other items to help you get back on your feet.

Protect Your Brain

Don't get your brains eaten

Tap the character to bring up their stats. Keep an eye on your health. Your character will start to glow red when you get low.

Brainless: Rise of the Zed

The future of Brainless

Brainless has not been forgotten! Work has continued on the full version, and we anticipate setting a release date for sometime in 2015.

Full Version

Brainless: Rise of the Dead cafe scene

The full version will feature new battles, new zombies, 13 levels, group inventory, more weapons, updated graphics and much more!