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Sketch Mate Advanced

Drawing & Sketching
on your Tablet or Phone

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  • Avaialble in Google Play
  • Available in Amazon Appstore

Portable Paper

Paper and tablet drawing

Unleash your inner artist and turn your device into a convenient canvas. A step-up from the original, Sketch Mate Advanced is a feature-packed app.

Draw & Paint

Sketch, draw and paint on your device

This easy-to-use sketch, draw & paint app has a full range of tools, colors and options so you can create art, jot down notes, sketch out ideas and more

Pull & Save Colors

Pull and save colors

Save swatches (complete with alpha), view groups by Current or All, and long-press to delete an individual swatch. Tap the trash can to delete entire groups.

Brushes & Effects

Premium Feature: Apply brush effects

Premium Feature
Add some style to your brush by applying Brush Effects. Choose from Blur, Emboss, Fill and Drop Shadow.


Premium Feature: Utilize three layers

Premium Feature
Utilize three layers to create your masterpiece. Switch layers, toggle visibility, and even merge them together.

Try it for Free

Try Sketch Mate Advanced for Free
  • Avaialble in Google Play

Try Sketch Mate Advanced Free, a lighter version of the paid appm available in the Google Play store.

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Quick Canvas

Set a quick canvas

Use the Quick Canvas feature to open a canvas directly to save time. Just long-press Quick Canvas in the menu to set background color and orientation.


Use the eyedropper

Pull colors from the canvas with the eyedropper tool. Great for creating color palettes from images and saving favorite colors for use later.

Undo & Re-do

Un-do and re-do actions

Make a mistake? Tap un-do to go back a state or ten. You can set the amount of states under the options menu.

Export & Share

Save, export and share your creations

Create a drawing or note and share it quickly and easily right from the drawing screen. Send it through your devices available options.

Combine Brush Styles

Premium Feature: Combine brush styles together

Premium Feature
The Blur and Emboss brush styles can be combined with the Fill effect to create more effects for your brush.


Premium Feature: Toggle visibility, switch and merge layers

Premium Feature
Toggle visibility, switch and merge layers. Select two layers then hit the button to switch or merge.

Upgrade to Sketch Mate Advanced for more featuresUpgrade to Sketch Mate Advanced for more features

Sketch Mate Advanced Information:

*Premium features are available for purchase through the market. Upgrade features include:

  • Layer Functionallity
  • Brush Styles
  • Menu Options