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  • Avaialble in Google Play
  • Available in Amazon Appstore
  •  Avaiable in Blackberry Appworld
  • Available for Nook Devices

Get Creative

Sketch Mate creativity brain

Let your mind soar with this fun and creative drawing app for Android devices. It's great for the casual doodler in us all.

Draw & Color

Draw and paint

Color, doodle and draw. Choose from 16 fun basic colors and 13 brush sizes to play with, as well as an eraser and fill canvas tool.

Fun Backgrounds

Use fun backgrounds

Choose from several fun background options. From the ocean floor to the depths of space, spacious farm land and the big blue sky.

Helpful Templates

Includes helpful templates

Use helpful templates such as graph paper in several sizes, a to-do-list, and even a blank Tic-Tac-Toe board to keep you entertained.

Simple Interface

Easy-to-use menus

Simplisticaly designed for those looking to draw without intimidating menus and tool options which can end up distracting you from simple, drawing fun.

Try it for Free

Try it for Free
  • Avaialble in Google Play
  • Available in Amazon Appstore

Try Sketch Mate Free, a lighter version of the paid app with ads, then upgrade for more features.

Click to view the Swatch Color Lab Guide

Quick Canvas

Quick canvas access

Set a favorite canvas color and orientation for quicker access to the drawing screen. To change the settings, simply long-press Quick Canvas in the main menu to access the settings.

Kid's Mode

Fun kid's mode

Draw with fun line choices on a randomly selected background color. Choose from Confetti, which draws a line with alternating colors, or Random, which changes the line color each time you lift up.


View your work in the Gallery

Open the Gallery to view all of your art work and notes quickly and easily. Tap the thumbnail to see the image full-screen (tap again to go back), or long press the image to delete the image from your device.

Eraser & Fill Canvas

Erase and fill canvas features

Use the eraser to remove unwanted marks, and use fill canvas to cover the entire canvas in the selected color.

Save & Load

Save and load projects

Save your project to view in the gallery and to load later on. The default save file type is .png. Simply add .jpg to the end of the filename to save as a .jpg

Upgrade to Full

Upgrade to Full for more options

Upgrade to the full version of Sketch Mate for more great features such as more colors, no ads and more.

Try Sketch Mate for FreeTry Sketch Mate for Free

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Sketch Mate Free is available in Google Play and Amazon markets.

*Premium features are available for purchase in the market. Upgrade features include:

  • More Colors
  • No Ads