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  • Avaialble in Google Play
  • Available in Amazon Appstore
  • Available for Nook Devices
  • Avaiable in Blackberry Appworld

Swatch Color Lab is great for artists, designers & developers, painters, home decorators and anyone who works or plays with colors.

Color Management

Color picker, image and value entry

Pick, edit and save 5-color swatch groups on your Android device using four different input methods with Swatch Color Lab.

Pick Colors

Use the color picker

Adjust the Hue, Saturation and Brightness of the selected color, or randomize one or all unlocked swatches.

Grab from Images

Import from iImages

Snap a picture or import from your gallery. Easily select colors randomly or tap the image to directly extract colors.

Use Swatches

Use previously saved swatches

Pick from color swatches from previously saved groups, with the ability to sort them by project or hue.

Edit Values

Directly edit HEX, RGB and HSV values

Use the value editor to adjust and change the HEX, RGB and HSV values directly for more control.

Save Your Group

Save your swatch groups

Save your groups to the Vault for viewing, sharing and exporting. Name and add tags for easy searching.

Build a Library

Create a library

Save your groups to the Vault where you can view, sort by name & tags, open for editing in the Lab, and export them.

Export & Share

Premium Feature: export and share

Export and share your groups as a full color card (great for wallpapers), value card, and as an .ase file.

Create .ase Files

Premium Feature: create an .ase file

Export your 5-color group as an Adobe™ .ase file for use in such programs as Photoshop® and Illustrator®.

Neutral Interface

Clean, neutral interface

Swatch Color Lab was designed with a neutral interface to allow you to focus on your color palette without outside color influence.

Just the Begining

Swatch Color Lab early stages

With more features planned for future updates, Swatch Color Lab will be ever evolving. Look for improved photo controls, color targeting and much more!

Try it for Free

Swatch Color Lab logo
  • Avaialble in Google Play
  • Available in Amazon Appstore
  • Available for Nook Devices
  •  Avaiable in Blackberry Appworld

Download for free and save up to 5 groups, with the option to upgrade from within the app for more great features.

Try for free then upgrade through in-app purchaseTry for free then upgrade through in-app purchase

Lock Swatches

Lock swatches for safe keeping

Easily lock and unlock swatches to protect them from change. Tap the lock to change that single swatch, or long-press to change all swatches.

Change Themes

Change from a light or dark theme

Customize your interface to suite your needs. Tap the Swatch Color Lab icon to toggle between light and dark user interfaces.

Randomize Colors

Randomize all or individual colors

Tap the random icon to randomly pull colors from the color pallete or from an image. Long-press the icon to set single or group randomization.

Set Colors

Long-press to set another color

Choose colors from the current 5-color swatch group by long-pressing a swatch. You can then quickly adjust values to tweak your colors.

View Values

Change display values

Change the display value beneath the swatch colors within the settings menu. Pick from RGB, HSV & HEX values.

Full-screen Color

Premium Feature: Swipe to view full-screen color

To view a full-screen color card, just swipe across the 5-color swatch group. You can also tap the block of color on the Value editor screen to see the color full-screen.

Swatch Color Lab Information:

Photoshop®, Illustrator® and Kuler® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Xiled Systems and Swatch Color Lab are in no way affiliated with Adobe Systems Incorporated.

*Premium features are available for purchase through the app. Upgrade features include:

  • Value Card with HEX, RGB and HSV
  • Export options (including Adobe™ .ase file)
  • Full screen color previews
  • Save unlimited groups